Monday, November 21, 2011

The Lillard Family

Autumn weather in Portland is often hit or miss, but this year we've had a spectacular showing of color coupled with beautifully crisp fall days. So, we took advantage of yet another rain-free day and followed the Lillard family to Fernhill Park in NE Portland. We joined Dean and Fiona on a tree-climbing, leaf throwing, acorn hunt, while baby Leo took in the sites and enjoyed some outdoor napping. We had a great time running around and exploring the park with this beautiful family. Happy Fall Lillards!

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Conway Family

We lucked out with a sunny fall day at the Conway's house in NE Portland this past October. Maisie and Della took advantage of the beautiful weather and had a mini-tea party and painting session in the backyard before heading inside for an impromptu song and dance routine. Megan and Dan joined in with the girls and all enjoyed a fun family afternoon. Photographing the girls in their environment helped them feel at ease and we were able to capture genuine  emotions.  The Conways were such a pleasure to photograph and we enjoyed getting a peak into their lovely lives.  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tim and Betsy Get Married!

Manchester Village, VT

Add 1 math teacher and 1 art teacher. Multiply by # of days working at the same school = true love!  Tim and Betsy met as co-teachers at a school in NYC and the chemistry was instant.  They started quietly dating, then moved in together, got a dog - now the rest is history!  They married on a lake in Vermont on a hot July day at the beautiful Equinox Resort.  To Tim and Betsy for letting us celebrate your wonderful love - we thank you!